Web design and applications

Way2Add makes appropriate use of HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScripts, graphics, audio, video, accessibility and mobile web. All layouts, CSS and WebFonts are chosen and built carefully to ensure that our designs meet the international benchmarks and standards.

Web Architecture

Our application and web architecture follows internationally acceptable structure, meta formats and protocols.

XML Technology

Way2Add follows a well defined XML schema to ensure that all XML documents are secured and published using defined W3C benchmarks.

Web Services

A number of web services protocols are used by Way2Add depending upon the project. We strictly follow the defined guidelines to ensure all web services are secure and fast. For example, Some sites may require additional security. Our team can build your project on 3-tier architecture if required. Please note that in such cases, your project will heavily rely on web services for inter-application transactions within and outside the server firewalls. Furthermore, additional security rules, IP blocking as well as DNS based security can be implemented to ensure further security.

Web Devices

Gone are the days where mobile websites were built separate to the desktop website. Way2Add enthusiastically echoes W3C’s vision for ‘one web’, where every website is multi-device compatible. Since last year, all of our new websites are built to suit multiple devices. We use responsive web design to ensure that the information displayed on small screen devices is equally suitable.

Authoring Tools

Being a web developer, most of our websites are dynamic website, driven by a content management system. We use WYSIWYG HTML editors for web page authoring. We ensure that our selected authoring tools produce accessible, robust web content, regardless of the technical knowledge of our clients/content authors.

WCAG 2.0

Way2Add follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, a series of web accessibility guidelines published by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Our websites can be built to comply with the guidelines of being perceivable, operable, understandable and robust.

Social Media

Our websites are built with social media in mind and are designed to be engaging and shareable within the social media landscapes. Way2Add encourages the social conversations and collaborations. We use tools to ensure that blogs and news articles can be easily shared on various social media platforms with a click of a button by the clients. Way2Add also integrates a variety of tools on the websites to help marketing managers gather comments and feedback easily through the website to promote community engagement and improve customer service